Thursday, January 4, 2007

Golden Girl

I have literally "dreamed" up the design and colors of this next solo dress. After a great feis I kept dreaming about the dances I did that weekend (a syndrome shared by many dancers), only I saw myself dressed in a different solo costume this time. To get the detail of the design, I kind of had to dream the dream over a few times :-) To my amazement that actually worked and the result is the sketch in yellow and lilac.
I was a bit afraid to make this design, as it had many pointy bits on the hemline and loads of diamond shapes and I could only think of the huge amount of work it would bring me! I had no idea about fabrics yet until I saw a golden lace fabric with sequins on it. At that moment I just knew this dress would supercede the old one by far and I would really have to polish up my dancing skills to match the dancer with the dress :-D
The base was a metallic gold cotton (same material as the cerise and the green dress - as you can see quite popular with me). The golden lace was used for the sleeves, bodice inserts and panels, and also for the cape. I just tried to get as much of it on the dress as I could! For the applique fabrics I used a black jersey with holographic dots, white falling rain satin, purple lycra with silver pindots and lilac satin. The lining and kickpleats have a funky checkerboard in white and lilac.
This dress was made during the come-back of the soft draped capes and I decided a soft cape would do the lace fabric more justice. I am really happy with the result!