Saturday, December 30, 2006


I made this dress last April (2006) for a lovely girl from Germany. Susie danced in the WIDA European championships in Amsterdam and got this wonderful trophy! Congratulations! It always makes me very proud when a dancer who wears one of my creations does well. The design I used is made by Susan Gowin and came from the Colleens of Canberra site. The base is made of falling rain satin. The applique is in a myriad of pink glitterdots. The pale pink has a lovely mother-of-pearl finish to it (Lynne picked up this fabric in Ireland calling me on the phone: "look, it's pink, it's nice, do you want it?").
Susie got this dress only the day before she was dancing in the Championships. She was very calm under the circumstances :-) I only had to alter the length of the bodice a bit. I live close to Amsterdam and she was actually staying in a hotel only 1 mile away from me! After the fitting I got on my bicycle, rode home, altered the dress and cycled back to the hotel all in the same time Susie was having her dinner :-)