Friday, January 5, 2007


Dressmaking is addictive and also contagious :-) When Anita was looking for a new solo, she already had ideas on design, colors and fabrics. Anita and I live very close together and after a joint fabric search, more involvement in the dress was a very logical next step :-) I am grateful for Anita her help on this solo dress. She has interfaced most of the fabrics of the dress using a common household iron....while sitting/kneeling on the floor for hours (as I was already using the ironing board and have no space elsewhere to deal with large cuts of fabric). She also cut out most of her own applique.
Anita her first dress was purple, and after dancing in the green dress for a while, she longed to have a purple dress again. The base fabric is a two-tone fabric of burgundy and blueish purple. She looks more purple or burgundy depending on your point of view and how her dress catches the light. I love this fabric and I think she looks great in this color! I also think the lace gives it a very nice touch.