Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Moving on

Lynne has moved to Ireland. I wish her all the best in her new life, and she will be missed around here! We have had some great times together. We became friends, made dresses (becoming closer friends), shopped endlessly for fabrics and discussed everything about dancing and dresses almost daily... I will really miss her company.

But, we move on. are some of the costumes for sale that we have worn during our yearly dance drama competition.

The first set is called "rain and sunshine". Simply white cotton A-line dresses that are painted with a celtic bird motif in blue and yellow. The kite capes are in theme, portraying swirling water and the rays of sunshine. The sleeves are sheer organza. The hemlines are adorned with a sequin band. Lynne and I had actually won the competition this year!

The second set are in a Medieval Theme. The dresses are a purple satin overlayed with a sheer metallic netting with a leaf pattern in purple and gold. The color of the leaves changes from gold to purple depending on the light. They have an organza cape draping from shoulder to shoulder. The belts are satin with embroidery and can be pinned to size. Lining in gold.
A decent 3rd place was accomplished this year :-)
(pictures will be uploaded soon)

Both dress sets are about a size 8 and 10 UK.

If you are interested in any of these dresses please email me!