Monday, October 29, 2007

For Sale...Noreen's dress.

This lovely warm cerise dress is now for sale. The dress was made in 2005. The base is a metallic cotton with a red metallic warp and cobalt blue weft, creating a deep cerise that changes slightly in tone as it reflects the light. Applique is done in holographic glittersquare, yellow satin and emerald metallic cotton. The lining is silver satin.
The design is bright with nice contrasts that show up well on the stage. It would be very nice as a first solo dress for prizewinner/intermediate.

The dress is very well cared for and in good shape. No signs of wear, no make-up and no odor! The bodice is fully lined in cotton and dress shields have always been worn woth the dress. Owner is asking 400 euro plus shipping from the Netherlands.

This dress needs to be sold! REDUCED to 210 GBP or best offer!!!
Measurements (taken from the dress):

Chest 87 cm
Waist 78 cm
Collarbone to waist 34 cm
Skirt 41 cm
Full dress length 75 cm
Sleeve 54 cm
Back neck bone to waist 41 cm
Shoulder to shoulder across the back 35 cm
chest front (armpit to armpit) 44 cm
neck to shouldercap 12 cm

Please email for more information; or leave a comment at this post.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis

Katy and I danced today at the Lisa Lubbe memorial feis in Wassenaar, the Netherlands. Katy was thrilled with her new dress and I have to say, did really well in all her dances. Just look at all those trophies... Well done Katy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Danielle's dress

This OTR dress is now sold and will be for Danielle from the US. She is very excited about it. Hopefully it will be finished the end of december, ready for delivery in january.

As soon as there will be a new OTR dress I will place this info on my blog.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Very poor picture taken very quickly before I put this dress in a bag and brought it over to Katy. She says she loves it and it fits her really nicely. I am sure that this weekend at the feis I will have more chances to actually make a nice picture of her in it. Hopefully with a nice trophy to show!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pinned together

Katy's dress is now finally taking shape. The back sections still need to be done, but I could not resist pinning the bodice and front skirt panels together to see how it will look. Next I will finish the bodice and set in the sleeves, make a sweetheart neckline in turquoise embroidery and think about the cape. It should be finished before next week when our school is having our annual Open feis.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Main embroidery done

I still need to add the ruffle on the skirt panels and also attach some sequins and organza flowers. Then these panels are ready to be stiffened. I am waiting to receive the lining fabric from Whitelodge. It was sent last week so I am sure it will arrive either today or tomorrow. Once the skirt is in this stage it does not alter much in appearance (as only stiffener is added), but when the (shaped) pleats are put in it will again be quite a difference!

Well, whadd'ya know?? I am writing this post the package from Whitelodge with the lining fabric was delivered! :-) Talk about nice timing!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Black feis results!

I had a great time dancing at the black feis in Killarney. It was really nice, but also kindof weird to see everyone so similarly dressed. I loved the straight hair that some of the girls had and I myself showed off my naturally curly hair :-) I danced the best I could and finally got second-last by one point. I don't think I could have done any better than I did. I really gave it all, made no mistakes and tried to enjoy myself and smile on stage....and the smile on the picture says it all: I had a great feis!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ready to be embroidered

The applique is fixed onto the panels and I am ready to start the embroidery on this dress. The blue pleats will have a ruffled edge on the top sides. This morning I have ruffled all the yellow organza needed for this (who said dressmakers had the day off on sunday? :-) The hemline will be shaped, which means the pleats will not be able to move around. You cannot really see the blue flowers in the picture as it is taken with poor lighting, but they are really shiny turquoise. Once the embroidery has started they will pop out of the background due to the contrasting color.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The pleating has started...

So I am well away on working on Katy's dress. I am currently pleating the fabric that will be on her skirt panels and sleeves. I have constructed a little "perfect pleater" to help me accomplish the task of setting all these pleats! It works really well :-)

After Katy's dress there are 4 more dresses to be finished, which means I am fully booked until January 2008.

Please note that the Ready-to-wear dress is rescheduled to be finished in DECEMBER, after I have completed all the rush-orders for the Oireachtasi in november.