Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New dress for ME! :-D

***PLEASE NOTE** This design is Copyrighted**

Well, the gold dress had to go and I had long planned this new dress! I wanted something with flowers - to fit in with the latest trends - and I wanted it to reflect myselft a bit.

Flowers + Dutch girl = Tulip dress.

I also wanted sewn sequin and lilac. With all those ideas in my head, I had designed a few options...but time was passing by and no start on my solo dress yet. So, another fashion trend emerged: wrap dresses and 4-panels. I tried to picture myself in a wrap, but I could not make it work, so I adapted my ideas and design to make a 4 panel dress. I am very happy with the result and I think it will be a fab dress!
Just to make you see what it will be like in real fabrics, here is a little pic of the bodice in the works:

More updates to follow!