Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Black velvet Ready-to-wear dress

This little velvet irish dance dress will be suitable for a child in the range of 9-11 years. The sleeves will be the same lace as on the neckline and the (soft) cape will me made of this fabric as well. The lining will be a gold holographic shimmer lame (from whitelodge fabrics).

Black velvet and white lace with golden embroidery.

-Dress measurements-

Bust: 27.5"
Waist (natural): 25.5"
Lowered waist: 28"
shoulder to waist seam: 15"
skirtlength: 13""
Overall length (shoulder to hem): 28"

Asking 850 euro plus shipping / $1099 US plus shipping

Please email me at for more information or leave a comment below.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tara at the feis!

Here is a picture of Tara showing her Trophy and medal she won at the Redmond Feis in Holland. Congratulations Tara!

And another one:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The next dress will be for a very special young lady called Tara. She is a wonderful dancer from the Redmond school and is working very hard to move up in her dancing. If all is well, she should be receiving her dress this saturday for the Redmond Feis.

The bodice and the pleat panels will be made from a gorgeous and lush red velvet. The white sleeves and panels will be made from white falling rain satin (whitelodge fabrics).

Lace on irish dance dresses 3 - For Kelly

After all the hard work on the panels and the dress itself, this is the final product:

The yoke was shaped in the same manner as the small panels were. It continues around to the back of the neck and meets at the zipper. The panels were placed on a short upper skirt and two layers of ruffles were added to the skirt. The bottom ruffle is carrying the border motif from the organza fabric. Since the ruffle was made of a straight piece, the border was just cut from the fabric, placed on the (finished) edge of the ruffle and embroidered on at the top scallop.

I hope this dress shows you what you can do with a beautiful piece of lace fabric. Kelly and I both love the result!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Remember this one?

Last year Nadine asked me to make her a solo dress. We talked about it for a while and came up with the following design:

We searched the internet and found a gorgeous light pink taft for the base, some white lace for the yoke and sleeves and burdundy velvet for the panels. To top it off I ordered the holo sequin chiffon from whitelodge fabrics to create the roses and get some sparkle into the dress. The colors all combined beautifully and we were all set to go...

and then disaster struck and Nadine broke her foot!!

Long story short, she is up and running (and dancing) again and has finally received her dress just in time for the WIDA Europeans the 18th of April.