Friday, December 29, 2006

The ice dress

This dress is truly one of the most sparkly I made. It has holographics on it from top to bottom. The design is a Lowland Design original. The base is a lovely white velour with holo dots on it. The applique is made out of blue metallic silk, turquoise falling rain satin, and gold holographic and lilac holographic shimmer lame. The inserts in the bodice and on the panels are a blue holo spandex with gold accents in it. The underskirt is also made of gold holo shimmer lame.

The picture is a bit small and dark, but I could not get the shine of the fabrics on camera any other way. I was also quite rushed trying to get this dress to the post office.
In the middle of the production of this dress I had to make the switch from my old sewing machine to my new sewing machine. I really wished I had my new machine before I started on this one. It made the finishing of the hemline soooooo much easier!