Saturday, December 30, 2006


A dress between primary and intermediate, with a touch of traditional design. The base is made of a lilac satin. Applique in a variety of holographic jerseys and satin. Lining in a holographic pink swirl design.
What I like most about the dress is the hemline. I just really like the pointy shapes. It kinda makes the dress a bit stronger eventhough it has all those sweet candy colors. This dress was a dream to put together. I do not think I ever broke a needle on this one! Good thing about it is that the girl it is for is dancing in my school, and I can see this dress in action every feis :-) It has been updated since, with a few strung sequins around the hemline and some scattered rhinestones. A tutu might even be added if it gets too short in the near future (in which case I will re-post a picture).