Friday, December 29, 2006

A machine to be proud of

I had to get my own sewing machine. Bashing the borrowed machines of others producing these dresses is just not a nice thing to do. So what does one do? Visit the OSMG (short for "old-sewing-machine-guy") and his shop. There, I bought a Janome 415 for a few hundred euro. Brand spanking new, and it was mine to mistreat and distress in any way I saw fit.
That little machine taught me a lot about how to treat a sewing machine. It never gave out on me. Of course, the occasional needle would break, I would jam too much stiffener under the presser foot so it would seize and the needle would not move up or down anymore...but those are all minor things. Looking back I think it is amazing it survived my "care". (clean the bobbin house of lint? Is that necessary??)
I was very impressed with my Janome and the nice satin stitch it gave. It did not have a wider stitch than 5 mm, but I still decided if I was going to upgrade - it was gonna be another Janome.