Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Black velvet Ready-to-wear dress

This little velvet irish dance dress will be suitable for a child in the range of 9-11 years. The sleeves will be the same lace as on the neckline and the (soft) cape will me made of this fabric as well. The lining will be a gold holographic shimmer lame (from whitelodge fabrics).

Black velvet and white lace with golden embroidery.

-Dress measurements-

Bust: 27.5"
Waist (natural): 25.5"
Lowered waist: 28"
shoulder to waist seam: 15"
skirtlength: 13""
Overall length (shoulder to hem): 28"

Asking 850 euro plus shipping / $1099 US plus shipping

Please email me at for more information or leave a comment below.