Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little update...

All that needs to be done now is the installment of the zipper in the back skirt. I do hope that today will be a merciful day and that process will be just as smooth as the attachment of the skirt to the underbodice (it went like a dream...baste, baste, baste!). Sewing in zippers is not my favorite thing- and sewing them in velvet is my least favorite thing :-) I'm sure that with a lot of hand sewing I will manage though.

For those who cannot wait to see Anita in her new dress in Vienna (or those who will be at the All Scots instead), here is a little update on what the dress will look like when finished. I cannot stress enough that the velvet looks so much more vibrant in real life and is a very intense raspberry-reddish-cerise color. It is just that my old camera cannot capture the true color and richness of it!

Anita came in yesterday to make a puffy headband to go with the dress and to put crystals on her dress. It looks so beautiful with all the sparkles! I am deliberately not taking a picture of the finished dress on the dressform as I feel she first needs to "debut" it in Vienna this weekend. She told me she might get some professional photos taken of her in it and then I will of course place them on the blog.

Best of luck dancing this weekend Anita!