Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Embroidery threads

I have finally located the correct color purple and the correct color gold for this ready-to-wear dress. It took me ages to get my supplier to have the right shades...but they are here! Updates on the embroidered panels will appear here in the next weeks!

This design is planned to be a ready-to-wear dress soon. I am currently finishing up the fabric choices. The black swirl fabric is a beautiful overlay with holo gold sewn sequins. The gold/lilac bits are a gold brocade and the light yellow a gold raised foil.
The sleeves might be changed. The lining is also not yet decided. The embroidery will be in gold and lilac and black.( You can click on the images to get a more detailed view)

This dress is planned to be finished in september 2007.
approx. 14-16 yr old
Bust 33"
waist 28"
Skirt 16"
Collarbone to waist 15"
(measurements are approximate)

Price: 1000 euro plus shipping from Holland.
Please email me if you are interested in this dress, or leave a comment on this page.